This Accurian wireless speaker is sold by the electronics store chain Radio Shack. This wireless speaker system consists of a single Mono tower enclosure with two speakers mounted in the case, one being a four and one quarter inch woofer for the lower pitched sounds and a one inch tweeter for the higher pitched sounds. It also comes with the wireless transmitter  that you hook up to your stereo receiver or DVD player, mp3 or that great little iPod. There are cables included which allow you to easily hookup to your stereo using the RCA left and right side audio cable and and RCA to stereo mini plug which can come out of your computer or mp3 player as well. They also supply you with two power adapters, one for each unit, if you choose not to use batteries in the wireless speaker section.
T he wireless speaker enclosure has an attractive housing design made of plastic with a combination of black and silver color.  A Very modern enclosure, the accurian easily fits in with any home or patio decor.  The Accurian wireless speaker has a 4.25 speaker or woofer with a 1” tweeter.

More details on this wireless speaker

There is a control knob on the speaker for adding bass to the mix, no separate controls for anything else like treble for instance. There was no mention of the frequency range on the box from the manufacturer which gives you one of the most important information of technical blah blah, the frequency response of the wireless speaker system. This is a very good tech spec to know and pay attention to on any system as it defines the many areas of the music that will be clearly heard by the listener. And   When speaker manufacturers don’t provide this information, it’s usually cause there isn’t a great frequency range to advertise and they don’t want to draw attention to it.

You know some people actually bought Mono recordings back in my younger record buying days, that was all they had. But today I’m thinking I deserve at least two channels, they are calling it Stereo and this wireless speaker system doesn’t have that cababilty.  the transmitter is mono and the receiver is mono, in fact the whole system is mono. Great to listen to am talk radio, an audio book or live sporting events, but If you want to play back your music in stereo this is not the system for you.


What’s included in this wireless speaker system

•    Wireless speaker…. can be used indoor or outdoor
•    900 Mhz transmitter sends the audio signal without any speaker wire
•    RCA Cable (Nickel plated)
•    RCA to 3.5mm Jack (Nickel plated)
•    3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter(Nickel plated)
•    Power Adapter, DC 9V 250mA (for transmitter)
•    Power Adapter, 12V,850mA (for receiver speaker)
•    Owner’s Manual
•    4.25″ bass speaker and 1″ tweeter for quality sound reproduction
•    100meters/30 feet line of sight operating range
You’ll also need but not included:
•    C Cell Batteries (8)

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